Upcoming MOOCs (Open Ed, Yoga, Digitizing Higher Ed, Learning Analytics Fundamentals)

We have a busy month coming up in the LINK Research Lab! I serve as the project manager for all of our MOOC development, working with instructors across the globe to put together courses that cover some pertinent topics. All of our MOOCs will be in edX and I encourage you to check them out!

  • Introduction to Open Education launches on October 1st and will be co-instructed by David Wiley (Lumen Learning) and George Siemens (LINK Research Lab). The course is open to anyone who is interested in learning about open education, but will be specifically targeted toward graduate students, faculty, and learning designers. The goals for this MOOC are to help educators increase access to quality educational resources, reduce the cost of education, and promote greater collaboration and shared artifacts in the growing knowledge economy.
  • The Science and Practice of Yoga (or YogaMOOC) launches on October 16. The course will be co-instructed by Stacey and Dave Dockins (Free Life People® School of Yoga), as well as Catherine Spann and George Siemens (LINK Research Lab). YogaMOOC will not only teach the practice of yoga, but will also explore being well in the digital age. I am looking forward to getting my yoga on next month!
  • Digitizing Higher Education launches on October 30 and will be co-instructed by George Siemens, Shirley Alexander (University of Technology Sydney, and Kelvin Bentley (eLearning Consultant). Course participants will work to produce a strategic department/organizational planning document by exploring the impact of prominent digital technologies on teaching and learning, data, research, and organizational structures.

Finally, George and I have been working with world-class scholars to develop a series of MOOCs that will help grow the field of learning analytics. Our goal is to eventually have these courses be a part of a MicroMasters program where learners can gain advanced standing in a Master’s of Science program. Note: as George mentioned, we have some gender imbalance given that a number of instructors needing to drop out due to other commitments, but if you are an expert in the learning analytics domain and would be interested in teaching with us in the future, please let us know.

I have the pleasure of co-instructing the first course offering with George and Charles Lang. The goal of our course is to provide an introduction to the field of learning analytics. Participants will work with basic learner data in R, explore fundamental theories and processes, consider ethics and privacy issues, and learn how to work as part of a team in a field that is becoming increasingly cross-disciplinary. This offering will serve as the first in the sequence of courses.

Here is a list of our upcoming courses:


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