Assignments and Schedule

ASSIGNMENTS AND ASSESSMENTS: At the end of the semester, grades will be awarded according to the following scale: A (90-100%), B (80-89%), C (70-79%), D (60-69%), F (0-59%)

Students are expected to keep track of their performance throughout the semester and seek guidance from available sources (including the instructor) if their performance drops below satisfactory levels. You will find your grades in the course module.

ASSIGNMENTS AND ASSESSMENTS: You knowledge of the course materials will be assessed through Assignments (60%); Assessments (25%); Reflections (15%).

  • Unit Assessments: There is one introductory quiz (1%) and an assessment for each unit (6% x 4). You will have a choice of taking an exam or completing a project. The exam option will consist of multiple choice questions over the course content and fill-in-the blank questions over the associated historical geography. The project will give you flexibility in the type of submission, and you will turn in a project (individual or group) and reflect. The intro quiz will be multiple choice over the course basics.
  • Reflections: There are 15 topics in this course. Each topic will have several reflections embedded in the course materials. The reflections required you to answer a survey question or provide a quick feedback (1-3 sentences). The reflections will be graded as a whole for each topic. There are 15 reflection grades worth 1% each.
  • Assignments: There will be two assignments per unit. Each unit has one discussion where students will work together on learning a skill that will then be utilized in that unit’s reaction assignment (which ranges in length from one paragraph to three pages). These assignments assess students’ knowledge of the course content and the core objectives of critical thinking, communication, personal and social responsibilities (see module for more details). Discussions are worth up to 5% each and reactions are worth up to 10% each.

TURNING IN ASSIGNMENTS: All assignments and assessments will be uploaded or completed through the Blackboard course module and all submitted assignments will be run through SafeAssign checking for plagiarism. No emailed submissions are accepted for grading. If you are having technical issues with completing or uploading and assignment in Blackboard, you must notify me via email prior to the deadline for completion/submission. If you are having problems uploading a completed assignment, you must attach your assignment file to your email notifying my of your technical issues as evidence you completed the assignment on time. Once your technical issue is resolved, you will be required to submit the same file through Blackboard for grading. Unless otherwise noted, all assignments are due by 11:59 pm Central Time.

Time Expectation: 2 hours
Course Basics
Time Expectation: 18-27 hours
TOPIC 1: Ancient America
TOPIC 2: European Overseas Expansion
TOPIC 3: English Colonization
Time Expectation: 24-36 hours
TOPIC 4: Competition and Instability
TOPIC 5: Labor in the Colonies
TOPIC 6: Culture and Society in the 18th Century
TOPIC 7: Challenges to Imperial Control
Time Expectation: 24-36 hours
TOPIC 8: Independence Declared and Won
TOPIC 9: From the Articles to the Constitution
TOPIC 10: The Virginia Dynasty
TOPIC 11: Socioeconomic Upheavals
Time Expectation: 24-36 hours
TOPIC 12: The Age of Jackson
TOPIC 13: North and South
TOPIC 14: Expansion
TOPIC 15: A House Divided

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